What is the Ecoquo Community?

The Ecoquo community is simply a consumer group. We have connected with a manufacturer, Amway, that allows us to bundle our purchases and consequently save money.

Amway makes everyday products for the home, like cleaning products and personal hygiene. The super concentrated and biodegradable formulas  make them a safer option for you and for the planet than other products. 

Every community member buys their products using the online platform where just for being a member you save 30% over retail price. 

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Simple! All you have to do is register with us, pay your annual fee of 32€, which gives you access to the community and an automatic 30% discount on every purchase.

If your purchases surpasses the 400€ mark in a single month, you’ll have an extra 3% discount. Plus, for every 100€ spent, you get a 10€ coupon for next month’s purchases. 

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What are the benefits of being part of the community?


Save 30% on all your purchases simply for being a part of the community. 

Satisfaction guarantee

Everything has a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like it, send it back and get a full refund.

Buy online

Buy from the comfort of your home and receive your order within 3 working days.

Protect the Earth

Concentrated and biodegradable formulas mean you use less plastic bottles and don’t pollute.

No obligations

You are not obliged to minimum or maximum orders. You buy only what you need. 

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